From head to toe:
Are you restricted in your freedom to move your body? Cutting edge technology assists your medical practitioner in the diagnosis and therapy of the musculoskeletal human system.

The key fields of application are as follows:
– Pain of neck, back & spine
– Disease of discs
– Tension headache
– Whiplash
– Joint mobilization
– Painful points of tendons & joints
– Substitution or addition of infiltration
– Acupuncture / Acupressure technique
– Trigger point technique

How often and in what interval should the Spineliner be used?
This question can only be answered in considering the individual case. Normally with acute pain one to two visits a week are recommended. The amount of visits furthermore depends on the spectrum of accompanying measures being taken.
Increasingly more athletes – including golf, US-football Teams (e.g. Pittsburgh Steelers), and Formula 1 drivers – receive a Spineliner treatment before and after their competition or training. They do this in order to balance their physical bodies, resulting in improved performance.

The advantages from the patient’s perspective are:
– immediate reduction of pain
– immediate improvement in movement
– normally completely pain-free
– non invasive procedure (no cut)
– substitution for the infiltration
– objective analysis
– results of treatment are shown immediately
– graphical presentation of the process of recovery
– digital documentation of the data

In which cases is use of Spineliner not recommended?
Spineliner is not designed to be used in the following cases:
– difficult inflammatory processes,
– recent injuries,
– broken bones in the treatment area,
– bone metastasis in the treatment area,
– very advanced osteoporosis and
– extreme pain.

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